Dear friends,

I present to you an Airsoft product with which you will be able to train your techniques of shooting with the help of electronic targets, all under pressure of a chronometer.



Speed, precision, cardio, tactics and coordination are the qualities that you will be able to put forward to neutralize the 30 targets installed in a decor of a Normandy village or the 25 targets on a fixed stand.

Why Normandy ? ?

The 6.06.1944,  130’000 soldiers have landed on the beaches of Normandy to regain control of Europe, and thousands have died on these beaches. 17-year-olds, fathers, men and women lost their lives to save our values.

Their sacrifices do not leave me without emotions. Thus, creating the village of Normandy allows me to remember that. If I am here, it is partly thanks to these people of values.

Opening on reservation via agenda 48h before.

You can find us at Martigny, Rue de l’Ancienne-Pointe 16


DefcomZone offers you two different stands

Shooting stand 5×5

– Shooting distance from 3 to 8 meters
– 25 targets
– 5 different game modes
– Static or in movement

Fighting village

– Alone or in team
– Course of 30 targets
– 7 different game modes
– Modular course

Available material

Except Nerfs, available material contains an Airsoft replica (ball rifle) :

A lot of balls (6mm, hard – unlike paintball, no paint) :

And of course, goggles, as well as full face masks if needed.

At DefcomZone, players fire on electronic targets, allowing even the youngest to be able to try airsoft safely :

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To celebrate the birthday of the youngest, Nerfs can be used for epic battles in the battle village :


In addition, and through the training of managers, DefcomZone also offers various services :

Technical training : hardwar training, trouble-shooting …

Basic training : fundamentals of shooting

Further education : timeline of shooting, acquisition of the target …

Birthday for kids : ground modulation for Nerf game, custom cake …

Pedagogical approach for children and young adults : knowledge and handling of a weapon replica (safety rules)

Group of people : take-over of the replica, speed contest at the stand and the village …

Security group : on demand

Complete description and prices : click here.